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We are a Mexican investment partnership whose objective is first and foremost to preserve our client’s capital in real terms, investing with a long term perspective under the guidelines of the “value investing” philosophy.

Our goal is to reach satisfactory risk-adjusted returns on a long term basis.

In order to reach our investment goals we’ve centered our organization around our business research. We believe that risk comes in many ways but the greatest one is the lack of in depth knowledge of the company where one invested. Some argue that diversification helps mitigate that risk. We disagree.

Our philosophy is to invest for the long term in companies in which we have good knowledge and constant contact, whose business model we like and believe will endure over time.

We also reduce investment risk by not employing any leverage whatsoever and being selective in our investment process.

Our investment criteria focuses on three points: (i) the business model and its durability, (ii) valuation- buying at an attractive price and at a discount to what we believe a particular company should be worth, (iii) making sure the company where we invested will be able to weather the inevitable business and economic cycles by having a strong balance sheet and a prudent management.

Our belief is that one should invest in companies that are closer to home for a variety of reasons, the most important one, the ability of the investment manager to have first hand knowledge of the company and direct access to it.